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Author - Anetria Pollard

As an author, I am pleased to share my personal story of an amazing love journey with my husband Roderick Pollard. Our journey has spanned over 38 years, and each moment has been nothing short of inspiring. Through every high and low, we’ve grown together and evolved as individuals. Our relationship has been strengthened through the love and commitment we share. I am excited to share our incredible journey with you.

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"Credible Witness, Credible Marriage" is a heartfelt journey through our love story, intertwined 

with the invaluable principles that have fortified our relationship over the years. Our aim in sharing this narrative is to extend a guiding hand to both young couples embarking on their journey together and mature couples seeking fresh avenues for enriching and preserving their marriage vows. 

Inside of "Credible Witness, Credible Marriage", readers will not only encounter our personal experiences but a reservoir of wisdom that we have garnered through trials and triumphs. Our story serves as a testament to the enduring power of love and commitment, and the transformative impact of applying these principles to our own lives. 

We invite you to connect by adding this project to your library if you are single, engaged, newly married, or married for twenty plus years. It is a tool to help you enhance and nurture your relationships both before and after the vows have been shared. 

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